last reflection…

last reflection –

The book was really really great, it had an unexpected ending which made it even better though. I think it ended well, although it was kind of scary :(, i thought it was weird how courtney and eddie ended up together. In the end my favorite character was jeff, he kept strong throughout the whole ordeal. Im so glad courtney stopped being abused because she told her mum. I found it interesting how Jeff’s last words had to do with courtney, but it was quite ouching, all round it was a great book and i would recommend it to anyone. i would rate it a 8 out of 10



Reflection 3The…

Reflection 3

The book is sooo great! and interesting, poorrrrrr jeff! it must of been so so hard to keep his disease hidden from such close friends, personally i think he should share his illness with his friends so they aren’t as effected when he reveals it to them. If i was courtney or Edie or Toni i would want Jeff to tell me because i would be able to adjust myself so i wasn’t as upset when he did pass away. Toni is suspecting the illness because as she did when her brother died she dreams of Jeff’s death. I am really excited for the end of the book but have a feeling it will have an unexpected ending

AbuseAbuse is a…


Abuse is a very big issue that is being addressed through many countries. Although some of the 3rd world countries are unlucky and do not have the government to support the issues.

There are a lot of forms of abuse, physical, mental, sexual and many more. A lot of mental abuse is in schools or is used in the adolescent stage. Abuse is a form of bullying so anything to harass or hurt someone is abuse. Physical abuse is different. In a lot of cases it is worse, its when someone physically abuses another, punching, hitting, slapping etc. Then there is sexual abuse, in my opinion the worst. Sexual abuse is when someone is forcing someone to sexually attack the person without them wanting it.

Facts on Abuse:

  • One woman is beaten by her husband or partner every 15 seconds in the United States
  • 85% of domestic violence victims are women
  • Abuse can lead to suicide
  • Abuse is also common to animals not just humans

Reflection 2The…

Reflection 2

The book so far is actually really good, i don’t usually enjoy reading but this book has really got me considering to read more. It has a great story line and is really touching, i love how there is so many different issues and problems, it just means there is more resolutions and more to think about. My favorite character is jeff because he looks at the bright side of the illness and just wants to spend the rest of the time with his friends. I hope the friends stand up for courtney and help prevent her from being abused. Im kind of looking forward to the end of the book but i have a feeling its not going to be very jolly. ūüė¶







Page no.


To cause or inflict an injury on someone or something

(Her leg was severally mutilated)




A very emotional and over exaggerated reaction to something

(She was in hysterics because of the pain)



Being free within society and not being restricted from such authority
(She begged for liberty amongst the people)



When someone moves their hands or a body part is a way to express a message or meaning
(She gestured for him to be quiet from across the room)



Definite and right

(She was absolute about her discussion)



Strong, healthy and full of energy

(She was vigorously defending her position)



Connector – Th…

Connector –
This story can relate to real life events. There are quite a few events in the book, like with he abusing and the leukemia. There are many people in the world who are suffering from leukemia  or other fatal diseases and it is effecting their lives quite dramatically. I cant imagine how difficult it would be to have to go through such a thing, although i find it extraordinary how people can be so positive and hopeful towards their disease. In the case with the abuse towards courtney is terrible, and i know this unfortunately is reality, especially in less privileged countries where there is less laws and the government is not as strong as here in australia abuse is very common. This is just terrible but luckily there are people who are awear of this and are in the midst of stopping it

Reflection – 9/…

Reflection – 9/5/12

I feel this book is really intriguing and interesting because the book starts with one of the characters dying and makes you want to read on and find out what lies ahead in the pages to come. The book starts off being a little confusing though because there are many characters introduced and everything is written in direct speech, making it hard to imagine the person talking. There a quite a few problems and sad events in the book, i think this is great though, because it means there is more drama and more trouble into finding resolutions. I am looking forward to reading ahead and am finding it hard to stop at the pages we need to!